Posted by: greglumpkin | July 18, 2012

Smart Phones for Dumb People

I don’t know why this commercial ticks me off so much.  Maybe because it showcases the stupidity of doing EVERYTHING with a smart phone.

So your smart phone is so awesome it can imitate every musical instrument known to man including the Glockenspiel (and don’t be a hater, I loves me some Glockenspiel).  The real question here is…why would you want to?

I can imagine some love-sick songsmith walking through a lovely park on a Spring afternoon.  He sits under a tree beside a babbling brook and pulls out his smart phone.  He starts to compose a ballad for the love of his life, then the phone rings.  It’s his boss wondering why he’s late getting back from his lunch break.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just being a jerk.  In the march of technology, I guess there will be some casualties.  I guess I never figured it would be our common sense.



  1. thank you for speaking my mind! everytime i see that commercial it makes me wonder – who will learn to play actual instruments? to read music? to…you know, THINK?

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