Posted by: greglumpkin | June 16, 2013

He Looks Good

I wrote this poem (I guess it’s a poem) years ago when I was just a child. Don’t know why I just now thought about it. Maybe because it’s Father’s Day. I don’t know.

I wrote it after attending the “viewing” of my Grandfather’s body at a funeral home in Henderson, North Carolina. It was one of those iconic little funeral homes you see in television shows set in small Southern towns. An old, converted house complete with gingerbread trim. I was standing in front of his casket, staring at what was left of a man that I had truly loved. A woman walked up and said these words; words spoken at probably every funeral in the South at one time or another. But her words didn’t comfort a young boy who had just lost the only Grandfather he’d ever known.

William Thomas Gregory (Papa) was a retired mill worker who had provided for a wife and eight children off of one salary and a grade school education. I miss him so much to this day…

He Looks Good

“He looks good”, she said, as I stood in front of my Papa’s casket.

“He looks good”, she said; as if it really mattered.

“He looks good”, she said; as if it would offer some sort of consolation.

He looks good…



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